Mirage (version 2) 2001

Alex Gawronski (mirage version 2)

Alex Gawronski (mirage version 2) b

Alex Gawronski: Mirage (version 2), 2001

‘Primavera 2001; 10 yr Anniversary exhibition’ The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Sydney; curated by Gail Hastings

(Particle board, timber, paint, garage handle, sawdust, saw horses, tools and assorted installation paraphernalia)

Boronia Gardens 2001

Alex Gawronski: Boronia Gardens, 2001

‘Dead Freight’ 2001, Imperial Slacks, Surry Hills Sydney; curated by Alex Gawronski and Lisa Kelly

(Plywood, masonite, sound loop of crickets, electricity)

Low Life 2001

Alex Gawronski: Low Life, 2001

‘Arkitekt’ (with Lisa Kelly) 2001, Penthouse and Pavement, Melbourne

(Plywood, canvas, TV monitor, VHS player, VHS tape looped)

Untitled (Home Stereo) 2001

Alex Gawronski: Untitled (Home Stereo), 2001

‘Modulor’ (with Lisa Kelly) Blue Oyster, Dunedin New Zealand

(Timber, speakers, speaker wire, motor, pasteboard, cardboard, record player, amplifier, record – scratched – bolts)

Wall Resonance in Corner Enclosure 2001

Alex Gawronski: Wall Resonance in Corner Enclosure, 2001

‘Arkitekt’ Blaugrau, Chippendale Sydney; coordinated by Alex Gawronski

(Plywood, timber, speakers, speaker wire, amplifier, cassette player, tape loop, aluminium, cardboard, cotton mesh, threaded rod)

Deaf Stereo 2001

Alex Gawronski: Deaf Stereo, 2001

‘Audio Loops’, Bondi Pavilion Art Gallery, Bondi Sydney; curated by Vicki Brown

(MDF, turntables, enamel paint, cardboard, aluminium mesh, switch, threaded rods, brass shim)

Live Edit 2001

Alex Gawronski: Live Edit, 2001

‘Vinyl’ 2001, Blaugrau, Chippendale Sydney; curated by Alex Gawronski

(Record player, collaged records, glue, MDF, hammer-tone enamel, letraset, laminated paper, hinges, bracket, screws)

Live Edit (prototype) 2001

Alex Gawronski: Live Edit (prototype), 2001

(Record player, collaged records, glue, MDF)

fin du musique 2001

Alex Gawronski: fin du musique, 2001

‘The Secret of Grey Walls’ 2001, Blaugrau, Chippendale Sydney; coordinated by Alex Gawronski and Lisa Kelly

(Hand-cut found record sleeve, glue, nails)

Unbreakable 2001

Alex Gawronski: Unbreakable, 2001

‘Stuffed’ Stuff gallery, Bethnal Green, London UK

(Record, brass hinges, screws and nuts)

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