Alex Gawronski, Threshold 1, AGNSW, The National (F Jenkins)

THRESHOLD, 2017 (from the series ‘Ghosts’) PVC, timber, mdf, cast resin, bitumen, steel plate, acrylic and enamel paint. Overall dimensions – 15000 x 1200 x 6100 mm
The NATIONAL: New Australian Art, Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW), Sydney, curated by Anneke Jaspers and Wayne Tunnicliffe

Alex Gawronski, Overhead 2, MCA, The National

OVERHEAD, 2017, from the series ‘Ghosts’, Polystyrene, aluminium, acrylic paint. Overall dimensions – 7830 x 4390 x 3200 mm
The NATIONAL: New Australian Art, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Sydney, curated by Blair French

Alex Gawronski, Portal 3, Carriage Works, The National, (Peter Miller)

PORTAL, 2017, from the series ‘Ghosts’ – timber, mdf, perspex, polystyrene, plyurethane, acrylic and metallic oxide paint, brass. Overall dimensions – 510 x 4100 x 6000 mm
The NATIONAL: New Australian Art, Carriage Works, Sydney, curated by Nina Miall and Lisa Havilah

Alex Gawronski, Harbinger composite 2017

HARBINGER, 2017, digital sound recording (approaching thunder) stereo speakers, sub-woofer, amplifier, digital controller, speaker cable, car port.
Overall dimensions – 2700 x 2500 x 2800 mm
CEMENTA: Regional Biennale, Kandos, NSW, curated by Ann Finegan and Alex Wisser

Alex Gawronski -Wreckrospective 3

WRECKROSPECTIVE, 2016, timber, mdf, perspex, nylon rope, plaster, pvc, aluminium, vinyl, electronics, acrylic and enamel paint (various artworks 1998 – 2016)
Overall dimensions – 7100 x 950 x 2170 mm
55 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville, Sydney


BIG CHEESE, 2016, timber, plywood, mdf, perspex, rubber, brackets, framed digital print
Overall footprint – 3100 x 2050 x 2100 mm
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart

Alex Gawronski - Plimsoll 1

LOGICAL VOLUME IDENTIFIER, 2015, timber, mdf, video projection, Art Forum magazine, perspex, canvas, acrylic, digital photographs. Overall dimensions – 33000 x 9100 x 3500 mm
Plimsoll gallery, University of Tasmania (UTAS)


WITTGENSTEIN’S HOUSE/ HEIDEGGER’S HUT etc., 2014, timber, mdf, cardboard, acrylic paint. Overall dimensions – 4800 x 2600 x 3100 mm
Marrickville Garage, Sydney

8) Alex Gawronski - The Invisible Man, 2012 1 (s)

THE INVISIBLE MAN, 2012, plasterboard, timber, oak, stainless steel, photographs, perspex, metallic paint, digital projection. Overall dimensions – 5600 x 5600 x 3000 mm
Artspace, Sydney

Alex Gawronski (civilized version 2)

CIVILIZED (vers 2) 2007, timber, mdf, perspex, pvc, tissue paper, nylon rope, eyelets, digital projector. Overall dimensions – 7200 x 3100 x 3500 mm
Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artist Travel Scholarship finalist exhibition, SCA Galleries, Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), Sydney




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