1. Alex Gawronski, Threshold, 2017

Alex Gawronski, Threshold 1, AGNSW, The National (F Jenkins)

Threshold, installation view

THE NATIONAL: NEW AUSTRALIAN ART, curated by Anneke Jaspers and Wayne Tunnicliffe

Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW), NSW, Sydney

(image: Felicity Jenkins)

(PVC, steel, plywood, mdf, bitumen, resin, acrylic and enamel paint)

2. Alex Gawronski: Portal, 2017

Alex Gawronski, Portal 3, Carriage Works, The National, (Peter Miller)

Portal, installation view

THE NATIONAL: NEW AUSTRALIAN ART, curated by Nina Miall and Lisa Havilah

Carriage Works, NSW, Sydney

(image 3: Peter Miller)

(Plywood, mdf, perspex, polystyrene, acrylic, metallic oxide and enamel paint)

3. Alex Gawronski: Overhead, 2017

Alex Gawronski, Overhead 2, MCA, The National

Overhead, installation view


Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), NSW, Sydney

(images: Felicity Jenkins)

(Polystyrene, aluminium, threaded rod)

4. Alex Gawronski: In the Year Twenty Twenty One, 2021

Documentation from the contemporary art installation In the Year Twenty Twenty One by Alex Gawronski held at KNULP gallery in Camperdown, Sydney, Australia. A contemporary art installation in the form of a fictional lounge room setting containing paintings, an abstract sculpture, a vase with colorful artificial flowers and contemporary art magazines. These are roped off like a museum display.

In the Year Twenty Twenty One, Installation View

KNULP, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

(Timber, MDF, paint, paper, cardboard, felt, photographic paper, frame, digital print on canvas, furniture, woolen rug, cushions, books, magazines, ceramic & glass vases, artificial flowers, vinyl lettering)

5. Alex Gawronski: Extinction, 2020

Alex Gawronski, Extinction, 2020, 6

Extinction, Installation view

(Acrylic on canvas boards – 255 x 355 mm; rear projection HD video – 5:53)

Taita Artist Studio Residency, Málaga, Spain

6. Alex Gawronski: Logical Volume Identifier, 2014

Alex Gawronski - Plimsoll 1

Logical Volume Identifier, installation view

Plimsoll gallery, the University of Tasmania, Hobart

(HD video, acrylic on canvas, gouache on canvas, timber, enamel, perspex, Artforum magazine, signed, altered colour photographs)

7. Alex Gawronski: Untitled (Please/do not/Enter #1, #2, #3), 2019

Alex Gawronski Goya Curtain Tokyo 2019, 1

Untitled: (Please/do/not/Enter #1, #2, #3), installation view

AXES,  Goya Curtain, Ikebukuro, Tokyo

(Perspex, aluminium and stainless steel door handles, screws)

8. Alex Gawronski: Sick Mood at Sunset (‘Cul de sac’), 2022

Contemporary art installation in the form of a wall of dark lacquered timber with two glowing wall lamps on either side

Sick mood at Sunset (‘Cul de sac’), installation view

‘Circling the Sun’, First Draft, Sydney, Australia. Curated by Tim Marvin

(Timber, ply, sconce lamps, speakers, amplifier, CD player, sound loop (slow synthetic waltz)). Installation views and details

9. Alex Gawronski: Wreckrospective, 2016

Alex Gawronski - Wreckrospective 1

Wreckrospective, installation view

(Installation consisting of various artworks 1998 – 2016)

55 Sydenham Rd Marrickville, NSW, Sydney

10. Alex Gawronski: Fourth World Problems, 2018

Fourth World Problems, installation view

(Digital photos on archival cotton rag, framed; Styrofoam, resin, Perspex, enamel paint, bottles, aluminium cans, leaves, twigs, cigarette butts, glass, paper)

True Estate, Brunswick East, Melbourne, VIC

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April 19, 2022 at 5:22 PM